As part of their digital transformation efforts, organizations need to act responsibly and promote ethical use of data and technology. The power of digital technologies to enable new sources of revenue are significant. As a response to societal concerns as well as to create long-term value through ethical leadership, DARWIN’S CIRCLE will discuss on the 3rd of November at Palais Ferstel this topic concerning digital ethics and their responsibility when it comes to an efficient handling with data as the digitalization has a huge impact on work processes in modern companies. Further, we want to introduce you to the first two speakers of our digital conference.

Let us introduce to you: Georg Bak

Speaker at DARWIN’S CIRCLE Georg Bak. © Georg Bak

Georg Bak is an art advisor and curator specialized in digital art, NFTs, vintage computer (1960s) and photography. After graduating as a lawyer he started his professional career in the art market in a senior position at Hauser & Wirth in Zurich and London and subsequently became an art advisor for LGT Bank in Switzerland before he co-founded his own gallery SCHEUBLEIN + BAK in Zurich.

As an expert in digital art he has been serving on the board of several museums, art fairs and institutions. He was also on the curatorial board of  Art + Fintech 2.0 in 2021. Recently he has been curating a Cryptopunk sale at Sotheby’s and Ex Machina – A History of Generative Art at PHILLIPS.

Digital technologies develop in a new era and driving transformative changes in every industry, as organizations adopt these technologies to redefine how they create, deliver, and capture value and trust. Identifying, understanding, and addressing new risks associated with digital transformation will help businesses derive more value from their efforts in the future towards society.

How can we establish trust and data security in our society in the long term?

Different questions should be asked such as how can organizations respond to big changes in data security? Where are risky decisions and is there a plan to deal with unintended consequences? In the following, we would like to briefly show you the core challenges that society and modern companies have to manage in the near future.

  • Integrate ethics and data security in the organization’s strategy by instituting an ethics board or appointing a chief ethics officer that works closely with business units and oversees transformation efforts to guide use of technologies in beneficial ways.
  • Build a culture of responsibility towards society by training employees on industry-leading practices, such as integrating principles of fairness, ethics, and safety through the product or service life cycle, and encouraging desirable behaviors through strong support from the top and supporting performance management systems.
  • Evaluate proposed and secure applications of emerging technologies in products and services to consider possible ethical, social, and cultural implications.
  • Collaborate with trustable industry stakeholders to build ethical frameworks for the use of emerging technologies, in the absence of established standards and norms, to be viewed as the leader in the space.

Be part of it! LIVE 3rd of November 2022 in Vienna

With regard to the digital conference DARWIN’S CIRCLE at 3rd of November 2022 at Palais Ferstel in the 1st district of Vienna we take great pride in the harmonious mix of attendees and speakers. Access to our events is on an invite-only basis, ans is limited to top-managers. We will discuss the most relevant topics of our time such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the future of mobility, digital transformation, FinTech and new media next to socio-economic topics like the future of work, smart-cities, digital ethics and responsibility, sustainability and leadership.

Let us introduce to you: Radosław Kędzia

Speaker at DARWIN’S CIRCLE Radosław Kędzia. © Huawei

Radosław Kędzia was appointed as Regional Vice President of Central Eastern Europe and Nordic Region in H2 of 2019. He was the first European manager to be appointed as Huawei General Manager. He has been working for Huawei since 2008. Mr. Kedzia began his career in Huawei Kenya as Chief Operating Officer, then as a Regional Technical Director for the Eastern and Southern Africa Region, in 2013 he became a Chief Executive Officer in Uganda Representative Office and in 2015 was appointed as the CEO of Czech Representative office.

Before his career in Huawei, Mr. Kędzia worked in Poland for PTC and TPSA and later, since 1999 in international, technical and managerial posts for Ericsson, Safaricom and Siemens in various countries such as Kenya, Israel, Great Britain, Spain and Czech Republic. His hobbies are music, art and reading.

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